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Bringing the soul back to AZ

Sue Soul Food Heaven was founded in 2020. Sue's name originated from when my sister left us unexpectedly four years ago. Her spirit would light up a room and that's why when you walk in you feel so much joy and happiness. My sister liked two things and that was music and good food so we brought you both. Sue's is not just your ordinary soul food restaurant it's a place of love and blessings.


Our menu is diverse and offers you some fun names to make you smile such as: "I got 5 on it" or "Rollin in my''64 ``. We offer a good price for everyone's budget.. Sue's was formed to feed people. We also accept the "Hot meal EBT program for the homeless, disabled or elderly". 


We have the "no food throw away" slogan: meaning at night no food is tosse, yet shared with our homeless population around our restaurant. 


Sue plays an intricate role in the community by teaming with a nonprofit "Couponing for the Less Fortunate '' feeding the community, allowing  small businesses  to use our space for free, toy drives for children, as well feeding our homeless community.


We truly thank you for stopping in and supporting our small business. 


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Food quality is our top priority

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